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Repair of seals and stamps.

  • Refill and exchange of the replaceable pads.
  • Tiny repair works, determination of service life.
  • Re-gluing of the rubber plate (cliche).
  • Reconstruction of the lost and dilapidated seals by the impress.

Re-gluing of the cliche on the casing (holder).

The service includes:

  • Replacement of the label of the impression image under a transparent protective cover;
  • The necessary trouble (fault) detection of the casing for determination of the plastic wear;
  • Determination of the quality of the replaceable pad (the relief of the remaining previous rubber);
  • In case of necessity refill with special inks free of charge;
  • In case of necessity cleaning and washing of the rubber and casing.

Replacing of the cliche.

The users can replace the cliche themselves; however, it is advisable to entrust it to experts at the manufacture of seals and stamps.

The previous pad can remember the relief of the previous initial cliche, therefore we recommend to replace the pad with a new pad in order to get a quality impression.

If you do not have high requirements regarding the seal impress, you can retain the old pad.

Just refill the pad with inks and let them get absorbed properly (depending on the level of wear and service life).

If the seal is heavily dilapidated, we cannot reconstruct it because part of the text or image will not be visible in the imprint.