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Riga, Matisa iela 78A, Room 203B, (second floor).
White brick three-storey building, located in the territory of Matisa iela 78A. Entrance to the building – the door in the middle of the left side.
Attention! Please do not get confused, there are also advertising signs of another stamp and print product manufacturer in the territory.

Email: info@zimoguveikals.lv


Please send files larger than 20 Mb via file-sharing sites like 

failiem.lv and wetransfer.com,

or via Skype: zimogu-darbnica



+371 22319500 (WhatsApp).

Working hours:

9.30 - 18.30

Monday - Friday

Available free WiFi wireless internet access.
We accept various payment options:

payment online in the online store ZIMOGUVEIKALS.LV;
payment on the hyperlink after the invoice generation;
prepare a standard Invoice for bank transfer.


How to find us?

The map for finding us in the territory: